Translation quality in English-Arabic translation of tourist texts: A product perspective



Translation quality, English , translation product, tourist texts


Translation of tourist texts engenders textual, linguistic and cultural hurdles before achieving translation quality, which has not been given due account in translation studies. To bridge this gap, this study aimed to assess postgraduates' performance in translation of tourist texts from English to Arabic and vice versa, using a translation task (Arabic and English tourist texts) and a questionnaire. The questionnaire took a form of a 5-point Likert scale in which the students rated the texts they translated. Further, it retrieved information about translation time and postgraduates' translation experience. Findings revealed low translation quality and inappropriate use of translation procedures in rendering the tourist texts into English and Arabic. The postgraduates encountered hindrances in formulating the main ideas of the source text (ST), composing the target text (TT) and communicating the TT to the target language (TL) readers. Based on the findings, pedagogical implications have been discussed.

Author Biography

Mutahar Qassem, Najran University

Mutahar Qassem is an Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies at Najran University. His research interests are translation and culture and the technological perspective of translation. His researches appear in Asia Pacific Translation and cultural studies, Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, Spanish Journal of Applied Linguistics, and Journal of Intercultural Commination Research  



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Qassem, M. ., Ali, L. ., & Muhayam , N. (2021). Translation quality in English-Arabic translation of tourist texts: A product perspective. International Journal of Linguistics and Translation Studies, 2(2), 1–21.