L2 Motivations For Learning English as Foreign Language of Sudanese Students




Motivations, Education, L2, Sudanese students, English langauge


Motivation is essential in learning a foreign language. Understanding how learners learn and what motivates and demotivate them will help the teachers, policy makers and curriculum planners .The study investigated the various reasons/motivations of the Sudanese Learners of English language based on Dorney  soci-educational model& Garder’s of  Second Language(L2) Self System.  The main question the paper tried to answer was what types of motivations of Sudanese L2 learners have? . A sample of 35 students were asked their opinions on what motives them in studying English by means of a questionnaire. The result of the study showed that the majority of the participants (95%)  had an  extrinsic motivations i.e external  factors for studying language, namely instrumentally-promotion and parental encourage and family influence .Also,  Ideal L2 had significant role in Sudanese learners, as 85% of the learners responded to the questionnaire items that assessed  this factor. The study also showed that the  ought L2 self has the lowest impact on the students learners, only 55% of learners  .The other factors /motivations that were tested in the study showed less influence on Sudanese learners but yet they are important to consider by teachers.



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