A Group-Directed Motivational Current Within an EFL Higher Education Context in Saudi Arabia: A Case Study




academic writing, blended learning, Directed Motivational Currents, EFL, higher education


The study investigates the use of a Directed Motivational Current (DMC) framework in a Saudi Arabian English as a foreign language (EFL) context. It explores the development and induction of a DMC in a higher education blended learning environment. It is based on a constructivist, descriptive, longitudinal case study. Data were gathered from female students enrolled in an English language master’s program and encompassed three data sources: weekly student diaries, a focus group, and an online follow-up survey. The results reveal that the motivational behavior experienced by the students was linked to long-term identity goals, a prominent facilitative structure, and the generation of positive emotionality. The study emphasizes the importance of structuring engaging and autonomous learning environments that promote strong social well-being, clear group vision, and L2 competence. It also found that multiple initial triggering stimuli can provide the impetus to help ignite a group-DMC. The evidence also suggests a need for teacher-initiated re-triggers such as the use of games throughout the project as they create motivationally enhanced eudaimonic sensations that help sustain a DMC and enable the success of a project. The research highlights the educational value of using a DMC in EFL learning environments.

Author Biography

Amel Shoaib, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

Amel M. Shoaib is an assistant professor working in the Department of European Languages and Literature at King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I hold a PhD in Applied Linguistics from the School of English Studies at the University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK and an MA in English Language Teaching from the School of Education from the same educational institution. I am a qualitative researcher who is very interested in the topics: Teacher/Student Motivation, Blended Learning, Edutainment, Technology Enhanced Learning, and Academic Integrity. My main career goal is to make a difference to academic teaching and learning.



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Shoaib, A. (2022). A Group-Directed Motivational Current Within an EFL Higher Education Context in Saudi Arabia: A Case Study. International Journal of Linguistics and Translation Studies, 3(3), 40–58. https://doi.org/10.36892/ijlts.v3i3.237