Investigating EFL Students' Engagement in Online English Classes at Taif University



EFL students, engagement dimensions, online learning, interaction strategies


Academic success is strongly correlated with Student engagement. In Saudi Arabia, curriculum development has been undertaken to improve English as a foreign language (EFL) course; however, EFL students still have trouble cooperating, especially in online classes. The study aims to (1) investigate students' engagement in online courses and (2) provide online students' perspectives on the value of the student engagement strategies for enhancing learning. The Student Course Engagement Questionnaire (SCEQ) and the Online Engagement Strategies Questionnaire (OESQ) were used as reliable measurements; a survey was conducted with 197 EFL students studying Online English language courses. The findings demonstrate that both male and female EFL students are quite engaged and some engagement strategies that were rated most important based on students' perceptions. The study will help generate recommendations to improve EFL practices and develop online EFL classes.



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AlHuthayfi, M. (2023). Investigating EFL Students’ Engagement in Online English Classes at Taif University. International Journal of Linguistics and Translation Studies, 5(1), 150–174.