Abdulrazzaq Al-Saadi's Twitter Micro-blogging: Saudi Men’s Writing the Self in Cyberspace




memoir, censorship, Twitter, microblog, cyberspace


Abdulrazzaq Al-Saadi is considered the first writer of a Twitter memoir, making his memoir thread a significant area of investigation as a cyber writing of the self and as a microblog. Twitter's microblogging service is considered one of the attainable literary practices, and its various recorded productions of such literary works led to the coining of the term ‘Twitterature.’ This paper sheds light on the internet memoir of the Saudi Arabian linguist, and it investigates it as a literary work in cyberspace and as a traditional writing of the self. This research debates that Al-Saadi’s memoir is loyal to the criteria of Arab life narratives. It additionally argues that the writer practices self-censorship and control over his writing as a sign of social and cultural conformity. This work further suggests that Al-Saadi’s memoir thread can be divided into national, familial, and academic categories. Finally, researchers examine the accessibility the memoir achieves as a cybertext and readers' interactions with its different classifications..

Author Biography

Shuroq AlJuhani

Shuroq Aljuhani holds a Bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in English Literature at King Abdulaziz University - Saudi Arabia, Jeddah. Aljuhani’s research areas and interests as a postgraduate student are yet to evolve. Aljuhani is eager to inquire into various topics to contribute to the advancement of the field locally and transnationally. Overall, Aljuhani is devoted to establishing excellence in her academic ventures and contributing to the English Literature research community.



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Al-Harby, N., & AlJuhani, S. (2023). Abdulrazzaq Al-Saadi’s Twitter Micro-blogging: Saudi Men’s Writing the Self in Cyberspace . International Journal of Linguistics and Translation Studies, 4(4), 113–127. https://doi.org/10.36892/ijlts.v4i4.366