Teachers Perceptions of Gender Differences in Learning Styles in Pakistan




Learning Styles, English Language Learning, Gender Differences


The purpose of the study is to explore the preferred language learning styles of the undergraduate students based on their gender. In Pakistan, the traditional lecture method is commonly used at the undergraduate level which is teacher centred (Hussain, Azeem & Shakoor, 2011), not accounting for the learner and learning style differences. The difference in learning styles varies from one individual to another; thus, influencing the overall language learning process and performance (Manochehr, 2006). The present study used a mixed method approach, with Kolb’s learning style model (1986) as the basis of the theoretical framework to determine individual learning styles. The sample was selected through purposive sampling technique and comprised of 60 undergraduate students and 10 teachers who were teaching English to these students. Data was collected from the students studying English at the undergraduate level and their teachers by using survey questionnaire and semi structured interviews respectively and was analysed in the form of descriptive statistics. The findings of the study confirmed that gender differences had a direct influence on the learning style preferences of the students. Moreover, both male and female students showed a tendency for Active Experimentation (AE) style of learning, indicating that they want to be actively engaged in their own learning process, instead of merely listening to the lectures being delivered in the traditional method. In addition, although the findings indicated that the teachers were aware of the differences in the learning styles based on gender, but their teaching practices did not account for the preferred learning styles of the students. These results can be further utilized to improve the teaching and learning styles for the students at the undergraduate students.

Author Biography

Tayyaba Mehmood, University of Central punjab, Lahore

Tayyaba Binte Mehmood holds an M.A in English from National University of Modern Languages, Lahore, Pakistan and is a gold medalist of MS in Applied Linguistics from National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST NUCES), Lahore, Pakistan. Her research interests include Urduization of English and its tredns exhibited in writings of Pakistani authors. Apart from this, she is an avid reader and writer who runs her personal blog as well.



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