Sailing or Stumbling: How Do Adult Learners Navigate the Realm of Online Maltese Language Learning?



Online learning, COVID-19, adult learners, , preferences for online learning, challenges of online learning


Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, there has been a necessary transition to online learning. This study aimed to ascertain the distinct factors that contribute to the preference for online learning among a cohort of 42 adult learners who are studying Maltese as a second language. Data was collected through semi-structured interviews that included open-ended questions, enabling participants to express their viewpoints. The responses underwent thematic analysis, which involved using NVivo software to examine trends and classify the data into appropriate topics. The participants provided diverse justifications for their inclination towards online learning. Many participants valued the flexible feature of online learning since it enabled them to acquire knowledge at their preferred pace without experiencing any pressure to hurry. Some individuals appreciated the chance to review recorded sessions, as it enhanced their comprehension of the topic. Several participants emphasised the advantage of being able to acquire knowledge from any location, which resulted in saving commuting time and the ability to learn in a pleasant setting. Additionally, some individuals noted that online learning allowed them to access a wide range of online resources and digital tools, thereby improving their proficiency in digital literacy. Nevertheless, the study also identified obstacles such as technological glitches, absence of in-person communication, and struggles with maintaining motivation. Notwithstanding these difficulties, most of the participants saw online learning as an advantageous substitute, particularly when in-person academic activities were suspended. The study provides ideas for enhancing the online learning experience, considering the distinct preferences and obstacles highlighted by the participants.



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Żammit, J. (2024). Sailing or Stumbling: How Do Adult Learners Navigate the Realm of Online Maltese Language Learning?. International Journal of Linguistics and Translation Studies, 5(3), 29–44.